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  1. Fee MUST be paid and waiver form MUST be signed before using the facility.  If the participant is less than 18 years of age, the parent or guardian MUST sign waiver.

  2. Adults are responsible for the actions of the youths at the facility.

  3. RESPECT the facility and RESPECT the other customers.

  4. Clean shoes before entering facility.

  5. Facility is under recorded video surveillance at all times.

  6. NO throwing balls or swinging bats anywhere outside of the netted areas, including the parking lot.

  7. NO food or drinks allowed in netted areas.

  8. NO chewing gum and NO sunflower seed!

  9. NO tobacco products, alcohol, or drugs are allowed on the property.

  10. NO cleats or spikes allowed, closed toe turf or tennis shoes ONLY!

  11. Clean up after yourself, collapse cages and return equipment to designated areas.

  12. BE PUNCTUAL and have your team off the field BEFORE the next practice time.

  13. All spectator's need to remain outside the netted areas.

  14. NO climbing the nets!

  15. All trash is to be placed in the proper containers.

  16. Use designated door entries ONLY to enter and exit the field.

  17. DO NOT LIFT the outside edges of the net!

  18. Management reserves the right to add and or modify the rules of the facility at any time.

  19. Management will not tolerate any vandalism or violence against property or persons.

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